Thursday, June 7, 2007

Disney Sketches

Sometimes I sketch from other artists and styles I admire. I've always loved the character styles from Disney. I credit Freddy Moore, Milt Kahl, and Ken Anderson for developing and setting the standard for so many appealing Disney characters. Though as you can see many of these characters were developed by later Disney artists and animators.


Here is a sketch I did while thinking of Peter Pan type characters, but my fairies have a little more teenage attitude. These are definitely the type, that if you asked them to make their beds you might hear them mumble, "What ever."

portfolio sketches

Here are several sketches that I have put together for my portfolio.


Here is an entry that I did for the Halloween Gallery of Terror in Oct 2006. The Wizard of Oz characters are really fun to draw. There are so many creative possibilities.

I used to work for a Disney animation studio. I am excited to be illustrating a children's book.