Wednesday, November 15, 2006

If you want to Critique my work, fire away!

I am an animator that is not super experienced in drawing. Some proffesional critiques would be helpful.


Nathan Lindsay said...

hey jon, I found your blog! I love that wizard of oz piece. Post more sketches :)

aubs87 said...

Hello Jon, I am living here in Ogden, Utah I am 20 years of age and ever since I was a kid [what am I saying I am still a big kid] I have wanted to work with Disney Animation, I love your work I am interested to see more. I really would like to know any tips you could give me as an artist and animator yourself. I was wondering if I could get feedback from you about classes I should take [I am on my way to getting my associates in art] but I was wondering what I should take in your opinion I would be greatly appreciated. I am and have always been fascinated by disney, any way to go about it would be great help. I look forward to your reply and hearing back from you. THank you. Aubree

Jon Pitcher said...

Aubree, I too have always loved the Disney style of character drawing and animation. I always wanted to be a Disney 2d animator. Right now I am inching closer to the dream as a cg animator working at a Disney Interactive company where I animate Disney characters on the computer. I'm a big kid too, when it comes to this kind of stuff.

As far as choosing classes and a career, what matters the most is grabbing that paper and pencil and trying to draw every day, and when you do it, practice drawing from the styles of artists that you really like. I practice from a half dozen artists that are my heroes. Besides that I practice drawing from Disney and other feature film model sheets. After drawing from my heroes for a half hour or so I draw similar stuff but it's all from my head. That's when my creativity and my hand get to show what I can do.

As far as my school experience, I went to Utah State and spent all of my time there learning how to animate on a computer. My drawing experience just comes from practicing and observing.

Good luck Aubree!

Aubree said...

Hey Jon, well i have a sort of work-in-progress blog going on right now... check it out if youd like or get time to [no pressure ha] also thanks for all the great advice.


jon pitcher said...

Aubree, looks like you've been drawing a lot. Sweet. Keep drawing.
I like your Rapunzel stuff the best.

I used to work for a Disney animation studio. I am excited to be illustrating a children's book.